At the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital, we offer special 'second opinion' appointments for pet owners, as well as specialist veterinary referral services for practices in and around London. 

Royal Veterinary College clinicians will always endeavour to be honest and open with you about your pet's treatment options.

Seeking a second opinion

Did you know that you are perfectly entitled to ask your vet for a second opinion? If for any reason you wish to see another member of our team for a second opinion, we will be happy to arrange this for you.

We offer special extended appointments for this and will review your pet’s case in detail, before discussing options and treatment plans with you. There are no restrictions on seeking a second opinion, but if you come to us from another practice we will need to contact your regular vet to obtain your pet's clinical records. This is in the best interests of your pet, avoids having to repeat treatment and saves you time and money. It is also a professional obligation for veterinary surgeons.

A second opinion is your prerogative and you need not feel awkward or embarrassed about seeking one. After a second opinion appointment you may be referred back to your own vet, or you may choose to continue treatment with another vet of your choice.

This is not to be confused with a specialist referral. (see below).

Seeing a veterinary specialist

Just as in human medicine, there are sometimes cases which will need to be referred to a specialist in a particular field. If you are advised that your pet would benefit from seeing a veterinary specialist, you may be referred to the RVC's small animal hospital here in London or to the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals (QMHA) in Hertfordshire. The QMHA is Europe's largest small animal hospital and offers clinical services ranging from orthopaedics to ophthalmology and oncology.

The following specialist referral services are available here in London: 




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