Published: 01 Jul 2015 | Last Updated: 05 Oct 2015 11:06:01

As we enter into a heat wave please be aware of the risks of heat stroke.

This devastating disease is caused when your pet generates heat at a faster rate than their body can get rid of it and the mortality rate is as high as 50% of all dogs that are affected.   

Heat stroke occurs most commonly in dogs kept in locked cars or conservatories where the temperature rises quickly and there is poor ventilation. It can however also occur if dogs are exercised too much on warm days. The exercise time can be very short in some cases and dogs can present with heat stroke on warm days even after their normal exercise routine.  

Dogs most at risk are larger breeds which have a small surface area relative to their bodyweight for the heat to evaporate from and also in brachycephalic breeds (those with a scrunched up muzzle such as pugs and boxers) where heat loss through panting is limited. Overweight dogs and dogs with lots of fur are also at a high risk.

On warm days we recommend walking your dog at the beginning and end of the day when it is cooler, ensuring rest periods and plenty of fresh water is available. Most importantly ensure they have access to shade throughout the day and plenty of water.

If your pet appears disoriented, panting heavily and salivating, or is collapsed, please phone us immediately for first aid advice. 020 7387 8134


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