Our Equine Hospital is located at the Hawkshead Campus with a long and rich history in equine health management. The hospital combines world-leading research with the largest number of RCVS recognised equine specialists of any UK veterinary teaching hospital to provide a 24-hour emergency and referral service.

Committed to educating equine vets and specialists of the future, Veterinary Medicine students are encouraged to fully participate in daily work at the equine hospital, and make use of every opportunity to practice their clinical skills, always under close supervision. Students are fully immersed in the hospital routine, admitting, examining and treating horses alongside clinicians with each student being assigned their own cases.

Students spend a minimum of four week on Equine (core rotations). The four weeks are divided between equine medicine in the hospital, out of hours and emergency work in the hospital, equine surgery in the hospital, and ambulatory first opinion practice. During the ambulatory week, each student goes out on calls with one veterinarian attending routine and emergency cases. We also offer visits to our outside partner (The Horse Trust), if available where students can participate in the daily veterinary work with the staff veterinarian.

In addition, students can choose up to 6 weeks of Equine as tracking rotations (2 weeks at Bell Equine, 2 weeks at Buckingham Equine, 2 weeks equine diagnostic imaging at RVC).

Rotating through the RVC Equine Hospital was a fantastic learning opportunity. I was able to see a range of cases and learn from a team passionate about both their specialties and teaching students. With the support and encouragement from the interns, residents and senior clinicians, I was able to go from a student with very little exposure to the equine industry to someone now pursuing a career in equine practice. The hands-on learning and working through cases in the seminars, gave me a great foundation to build upon going on EMS placements.

— Remi Munn, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

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