• All applications must be made online via Rover. 
  • New students joining the RVC in September 2024 will receive their login details in June, provided they have received and accepted an unconditional offer and have paid their deposit. The same email will provide instruction on applying for your loan via Rover. Our target for inviting new entrants to apply for loans via Rover is 20 June 2024.
  • We will prioritise the processing of applications for new students. 
  • As part of the process you will need to upload a number of documents when making your application via Rover.  

Documents required for application via Rover 

  • Full FAFSA Submission Summary
  • Proof of Entrance Counselling (EC) – if applying for a loan at RVC for the first time  
  • Two MPNs (1 MPN Unsubsidised Loan and 1 MPN for the Plus Loan)
  • You must submit a budget request telling us how much you would like to borrow using the Cost of Attendance Budget Tool in Rover.
  • If anything is omitted, then we cannot start the loan origination process and this will delay your access to federal financial assistance.
  • You will receive an email after submitting an application which will inform you of any outstanding items, and you can upload these to your application when you have them  

How to Proceed

 To complete your loan application follow the steps below

Step 1 - Apply for FAFSA

Follow the FAFSA Application process outlined in Apply for FAFSA

Step 2 - Work Out Your Budget and Submit Loan Request

The next step is to work out your budget for the year, so that you request the right amount of loan. It is worthwhile not over-borrowing, as you will be paying interest on unsubsidised Direct Loans and Plus loans once they are disbursed. It is a simple process to request extra funds if you find you need them later.

Submit your budget bid using the Rover option Cost of Attendance Budget Tool. When you complete your bid, the Financial Aid Office will receive confirmation and review it.

Please read the  Cost of Attendance Explained which explains how to determine your budget. It also contains useful information on living costs.   


Instructions;  Download the Cost of Attendance Budget Tool

Step 3 - Apply via Rover

Once you have completed the steps above then you must apply to RVC using Rover, uploading the document outlined in Documents required for application via Rover If you are repeating study, you will also need to provide a signed SAP Policy declaration. The Financial Aid Office will contact you if this applies. When you apply via Rover, you will get confirmation onscreen whether you have completed the application, and if not what remains outstanding.

When to Apply

  • We recommend that new students commence the FAFSA application process in April, and the application to RVC via Rover in May to July ensure your loan award is confirmed in time for your visa application.
  • We will prioritise the processing of applications for new students. Loan applications are typically completed by the student and processed (i.e. award confirmed) in three to four weeks.
  • Continuing students should apply to RVC as soon as the Rover options are available to them. See Rover for information.
  • Continuing students with a re-sit in September cannot commence the application process until September. We are not able to begin originating loans until your result is known in September. You can apply through FAFSA and obtain your SAR, MPNs and Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement before September to ensure you are ready to apply.

What next?

The RVC will verify the information you have provided.

If any information is incomplete or incorrect then this will almost certainly delay the origination of your loans.

You will be notified of any adjustments to your loan eligibility and the amounts which will be originated by the School.

Once the RVC is satisfied with your eligibility and loan entitlement your loans will be originated.  

You can track the progress of your application through processing via Rover option.

Loan origination

The RVC will then originate (create, and certify) your Direct Loan(s) with the US Department of Education.

The Award Letter

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) requires proof of funds for any visa application or renewal. The RVC, once it has verified the information you have provided, will supply a letter by email and post which will indicate the loans we expect to originate for you to fund your studies.

Certain nationalities are considered a ‘low risk’ by the UKVI and do not need to include this letter with their application at the time of writing, this includes those from the United States (see current UKVI information here). In the event of you needing a hardcopy at the start of your application, the UKVI will accept only the original letter with a 'wet' ink signature from a designated RVC official. Please email for a fast-track copy.

The award letter is available to loan applicants via Rover

Receiving your loan

The RVC will originate a loan for you with the US Department of Education, the US Department of Education will verified your eligibility and loan entitlement(s).

For Loan disbursement dates please refer to our Disbursement Information page.

Processing your application

New Students

Pre-requisites for processing: Please note that we cannot process applications for new students until their place has been confirmed and the non-refundable deposit has been paid.

Confirmation of loan: We will notify you by email when you have completed the application process and we have processed your Award Letter. At this point your Award Letter is available on Rover and we can also email you a signed copy on request. The Award Letter provides new students with the required proof that you have funds to support your study and is required when applying for a visa.  

Continuing Students

Please note that we do not process applications for continuing students until their exam results are known, as you must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.

Confirmation of loan: When you have completed the application process, please make sure to check your Rover account regularly as that will hold the most up to date information on the development of your application. Please avoid emailing the Financial Aid Office as this is a very busy time for us and we will have nothing further to add.

Important - Your loan is your responsibility

Please note it is your responsibility to complete the necessary steps to complete the application process. It is common for students to upload the various documents over a period of weeks or months. Sometimes students change their mind and do not complete the process.

Consequently, we will not chase you for missing documents. However, you can check what is outstanding using Rover

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