US Federal Loan Attendance Expectations and Monitoring Process 

As a US Federal Loan recipient you must maintain a minimum 50% attendance level. If you fail to do so without good reason (and approval by RVC) and/or miss an attendance monitoring point, loan payments may be suspended, you may be withdrawn from your course and US Federal Funds returned to the US Department of Education in line with their guidelines and RVC withdrawal and refund policy.

Your attendance will be monitored over a minimum of 10 contact points throughout the academic year comprising of enrolment, attendance at assessments, classes and signing-in sessions. Funds will not be disbursed to a student that misses a contact point, until the failure to engage has been investigated and the student deemed still in attendance by the Student Records Office. A student will be deemed to be in attendance on the course where they:

  1. Attend another monitoring point within 14 days (if there is one)
  2. Sit/submit an assessment within 14 days of the missed monitoring point
  3. Attend a tutorial within 14 days of the missed monitoring point
  4. Attend a meeting with the Academic Registrar (or nominee) plus the Head of Student Records & Finance or Advice Centre Manager where none of the above events are scheduled within 14 days

If the Student Records Office obtains evidence of

  1. Sitting or submitting an assessment, or
  2. Attending a tutorial

within 14 days of the missed monitoring point, that monitoring point will be recorded as a verified absence.

If the RVC is notified in advance by the student that they will be temporarily absent from the course, and that absence is approved, attendance during this period will be recorded as an approved absence.

The initial loan disbursement at the start of the academic year will be subject to the student completing enrolment. Student attendance records will be checked prior to any further disbursements and students must maintain a minimum 50% attendance, or the disbursement will be suspended until course attendance/engagement is confirmed.

A student will be deemed to have fallen below the minimum 50% attendance when the number of absences exceeds the number of attendances, verified absences and approved absences combined. The US Department of Education will be notified that the student has not met attendance requirements and any loan funds due for return will be reverted to them. Failure to meet the attendance threshold may also result in the student being withdrawn from the course and UKVI informed where appropriate (according to UK immigration status).

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