Published: 29 Jul 2015 | Last Updated: 10 Aug 2023 11:59:35

The RVC’s 14th annual summer school opened this week to students considering a career in veterinary medicine and biological sciences.

RVC summer students measuring stride length for data collection

Undergraduate study is a big commitment of time and finances. Fifty pre-vet summer school students – currently taking their A-levels – are exploring the RVC and gaining valuable insight into exactly what it is like to study here. Not only does this inform their decision when taking the next step in their education but is recognised by the RVC as valuable work experience should they choose to apply.

Groups are being led through a timetable of activities by current RVC student ambassadors, who can share their personal experiences of studying here. From working in clinical settings to meeting academic tutors, the experience is diverse and engaging throughout.

Indeed, students have been visiting the Structure and Motion Lab for sessions in biomechanics and locomotion led by Dr Zoe Self. In these sessions participants have been developing their research and data analysis skills through their own experiments; exploring the relationship between leg length and walking speed. They have also been contributing to a larger study - currently being conducted by Dr Jim Usherwood – using force plates to provide data on walking mechanisms.

Summer School will be continuing into August, with international students arriving on campus next week. For more information please visit the Pre-Vet Summer School webpage

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