All licenced establishments must ensure they have an Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB).

AWERB Meetings

As part of The Royal Veterinary College's commitment to the Concordat of Openness, the summary minutes of AWERB meetings that have been held since 2016 are published below (pdf format, opens a new window):









The aim of AWERB is to:

  • Promote awareness of animal welfare and the 3Rs
  • Provide a forum for discussion and development of ethical advice to the Establishment Licence Holder on all matters related to animal welfare, care and use at their establishment
  • support named persons and other staff dealing with animals, on animal welfare, ethical issues and provision of appropriate training
  • help to promote a "culture of care" within the establishment

This is done by:

  • Advising staff dealing with animals in the licensed establishment on matters related to the welfare of the animals, their acquisition, accommodation, care and use;
  • Advising on the application of the 3Rs and relevant technical and scientific developments;
  • Establishing and reviewing management and operational processes for monitoring, reporting and follow-up in relation to the welfare of animals housed or used in the licensed establishment;
  • Overseeing the processes for training and competency assessment of staff working with animals ensuring they are fit for purpose
  • Following the development and outcome of projects carried out in the establishment, taking into account the effect on the animals used; and to identify and advise on elements that could further contribute to the 3Rs; and
  • Advising on re-homing schemes, including the appropriate socialisation of the animals to be re-homed.

The AWERB involves individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including vets, animal welfare officers, scientists and lay people. 

London AWERB Hub

The Animals in Science Committee (ASC) provides advice and promotes the exchange of information. One way of doing this was by setting up AWERB Hubs. These AWERB Hubs were primarily set up to share best practices across AWERBs via the introduction of regional and multidisciplinary AWERB Hubs and to also improve communication between the ASC and the AWERB Hubs.

The RVC belongs to the London AWERB Hub. This Hub meets twice a year and the redacted minutes of the meetings are available:

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