RVC Research Data Storage

As part of the Colleges commitment to ensure effective support for Research Data Management, the Information Services Directorate (ISD) have undertaken significant investment to provide centralised storage for Research Data. This storage will be available to every PI and PhD Supervisor, to use with their group/projects as appropriate.

Remote Access

By using VPN (Virtual Private Network), access to RVC storage can be provided from Internet enabled computers anywhere off campus. It is recommended that RVC staff have VPN configured by the IT Helpdesk who will install ‘Cisco VPN Client software’ on their laptop or regular remote access PC in order to utilise the regular Microsoft Outlook client and the full functionality of that application.

Data Backups

Hourly, daily and weekly backups are taken of centrally stored data. If you accidentally lose or delete information, please contact helpdesk@rvc.ac.uk with details to arrange for a backup to be restored.

  • Hourly: Incremental backup of data is taken every 6 hours and last 5 snapshots are kept. Snapshots older than 5 are automatically deleted.
  • Daily: Incremental backup of data is taken every day at 00:10 hours and last 5 snapshots are kept. Snapshots older than 5 are automatically deleted.
  • Weekly: Incremental backup of data is taken every week on Sunday at 00:15 hours and last 16 snapshots are kept. Snapshots older than 16 are automatically deleted.

Every 16 weeks, the oldest snapshot backup is further written to tape cartridges for longer retention.

** Please be aware that any data stored on the Hard Drives of PCs and laptops and on any external drives, including memory sticks will not be backed up **

Sharing and Collaborating on Data

The College is investigating potential tools to enable secure collaboration with external partners. Further information will be provided when available.

Cloud storage has become popular in recent years through the use of services such as DropBox, SpiderOak, Google Drive, SkyDrive, etc. The College has a Cloud Storage Policy available on the Intranet. This policy contains the following recommendations:

  • Cloud storage should not be used for sensitive personal data, as defined under the DPA, under any circumstances.
  • The storage of intellectual property should not normally be stored on the cloud, but if necessary should be encrypted, using TrueCrypt or similar software.
  • Consideration should be given to encrypting any data stored on the cloud.
  • Cloud storage cannot be used as a sole repository or backup of essential data.
  • Transferring non-sensitive and impersonal data between collaborators via the College’s Microsoft OneDrive for Business is believed to be an acceptable usage of the technology.

Further help...

The College is committed to supporting Research Data Management activities.

If you have any questions about your role in Research Data Management, or require assistance in Data Management Planning, please use the Contact Details.

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