If you are submitting a paper to a journal that is the direct result of UKRI funding, please contact Anna Gillis for information about how to access UKRI block funds. 

UKRI policy for papers acknowledging council support mandates that they are made open access without any restriction on re-use. Therefore, papers should be published with a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY), and not a more restrictive non-commercial licence. Funding from UKRI may be available to grant recipients for payment of 'gold' Open Access charges. 

If you wish to publish in accord with funder policy without paying an article processing charge, the following journals offer a 'green' OA policy compliant with UKRI and Wellcome policy:

It is the author's responsibility to ensure that the correct licence is applied to their article. If you require some assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the research office or Anna Gillis in the Library. 

Please note: 

UKRI is reviewing its open access policy and will communicate a clear timetable on announcing this once it is certain.

At present, it is proposed that in-scope research articles accepted for publication on or after 1 January 2022 must be:

• published OA by publishing with journals or OA publishing platforms that make the final version of record immediately OA via their websites, and with a CC BY licence
• published with journals or platforms that allow the author’s accepted manuscript or version of record to be made immediately OA with a CC BY licence via a subject or institutional repository

For clarification on how this might impact planning for your publications, please contact Anna Gillis for further guidance.

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