Why are puppy vaccinations important?
Vaccinations help to protect your puppy from severe life threatening infectious diseases. It also stops them from passing these dangerous infections onto other dogs. You should keep your puppy inside and away for unvaccinated dogs until it has been fully vaccinated.

How old should a puppy be before being vaccinated?
At eight weeks old – a puppy should have their first set of vaccinations (Primary). In certain cases we can vaccinate puppies as young as 6 weeks.
At 12 weeks old – a puppy’s second set of vaccinations are needed to boost their immune system.

How often should puppies be vaccinated after their first set of inoculations?
A puppy will needs a ‘booster’ vaccination 12 months after the second vaccination and every year thereafter.

Which diseases do puppy vaccinations protect against?
Puppy inoculations are designed to give protection against
• Canine Distemper
• Canine Adenovirus
• Canine Parvovirus
• Leptospirosis

Kennel cough
Kennel cough vaccinations can be administered separately or in conjunction with other dog vaccines. We recommend these vaccination if dogs are going into kennels or if they meet lots of other dogs in the park.

Rabies vaccination is not required in the UK and is only needed if you wish to take your Pet abroad. We offer a PETS passport service for pets travelling to Europe. 

Who can vaccinate my puppy?
Only a healthy puppy should be vaccinated so your puppy will be given a full health check by a veterinary surgeon prior to vaccination.
In the case of a primary course where two injections are needed, a qualified Veterinary Nurse can administer the second vaccination.
When you get your puppy, one of the first things you should do is register them with us so we can carry out the vaccinations your puppy needs.

How much do puppy vaccinations cost?
Prices can vary and will depend on which vaccinations your puppy receives. 

  • The price of health check and primary puppy vaccinations is £66.70 for the 2 sets of injections which are administered 4 weeks apart.
  • Yearly dog health check and booster vaccination price is: £ £49.90
  • Kennel Cough vaccination prices are from £19.45 (£33.15 if a solo vaccination)

What do I do about vaccinations if my puppy was a stray?
If your dog’s vaccination status is unknown - we recommend a full vaccination course.

What happens if my puppy is from a rescue centre?
If you adopt a puppy from a charity, they have often been vaccinated before you take them home. However, some puppies are rehomed before they are ready for their second set of vaccinations – so it is always best to check and ask for the vaccination documentation.

What documentation do I need if my puppy has already been inoculated?
Ask for the vet vaccination records so you can take them to your vet when they are due their annual health check and booster vaccination – and you can make a note of the anniversary on your calendar or in your diary!

Where can I get my puppy vaccinated?
Here at RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital we offer a full puppy vaccination and health check services.

When can I get my puppy vaccinated?
We offer puppy vaccinations from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm Monday – Friday and at weekends.

How do I book a puppy vaccination appointment?
Firstly, your pet needs to be registered with us.

  • To register online – please complete our online registration form
  • To register by phone – please call us on 0207 387 8134

Once your pet is registered – we can book your puppy inoculation appointment.

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