What are pet vaccinations?
Vaccines are biological agents administered to your healthy pet so that your animal has immunity against particular diseases or conditions. Vaccinations generally contain tiny doses of de-activated microorganisms that (if they were live) could potentially cause illness or disease.

How do pet vaccinations work?
The pet’s body sees the vaccination as an invasive agent and the pet’s immune system fights off the agent. This creates a build-up of antibodies against the disease/condition. These remain in place ready to fight off the live form of the micro-organism in future if the pet becomes exposed to the risk.

Why are pet vaccinations so important?
Vaccinations protect against a wide range of infectious diseases, many of which can be fatal. If you do not have your pet vaccinated (or booster jabs not up to date), you may find your pet insurance will be invalidated. As well as protecting your own pet, you are also helping protect the wider pet population from diseases spreading.

Where can I get my pet vaccinated?
Here at RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital we offer a full pet vaccination service across a wide variety of species including

  • cats and kittens (cat flu: feline herpes and calici virus; enteritis (panleukopenia virus). we also recommend the feline leukaemia virus vaccination)
  • dogs and puppies (canine distemper; canine parvovirus; leptospirosis, parainfluenza).
    We also offer kennel cough vaccinations:   Kennel Cough Factsheet (PDF download)
  • rabbits  (myxomatosis; rabbit (viral) haemorrhagic disease (VHD) 
  • ferrets (distemper)

When should I get my pet vaccinated ?
The timing and frequency of your pet’s inoculations will depend on the type of pet being vaccinated. Booster vaccinations are certainly strongly recommended in many instances.

How much does it cost for pet vaccinations ?
Your pet vaccination price will vary depending on the type of pet and type of pet vaccination. It will also depend on whether you are having your pet’s first vaccinations or their yearly/booster vaccinations. 

How do I book a pet vaccination appointment?
Firstly, your pet needs to be registered with us.

  • To register online – please complete our online registration form 
  • To register by phone – please call us on 0207 387 8134

Once your pet is registered – we can book your pet inoculation appointment – whether that be for the first course of vaccinations or annual/yearly booster ones. Our pet vaccination appointments are conducted throughout the week including weekends

Are pet vaccinations risky?
In a very small minority of cases, some pets may have adverse reactions but these are extremely rare.

If you have any questions relating to your pet’s vaccinations – please contact us and our team are happy to advise you.

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