General Regulations for Study and Awards 

Assessment & Award Regulations for 2023/24 (PDF) will be available prior to the start the academic year for each course and may not appear here yet. 

The Assessment & Award Regulations (AARs) for some modular courses are split into 3 different documents (Parts).

  • Part 1 = Assessment Regulations (how you pass the year / progress to the next stage)
  • Part 3 = Module Assessment Weightings (breakdown of the module assessments and how they are weighted)

Biological Sciences BSc/MSci (and Intercalated) & BSc Comparative Pathology

BSc/MSci Year 1 - 4 - (Level 4 - 7) Part 1 Assessment Regulations (all pathways)

BSc/MSci Year 1 - 4 (Level 4 - 7) - Part 3 Module Assessment Weightings (all pathways)

Veterinary Surgery

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVetMed)

Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc)

BVSc Year 1:

Basic assessment information for each module:

  • VE10100 - Principles of Veterinary Practice & Evidence Based Medicine
  • VE10200 - Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Locomotor and Skin systems 
  • VE10300 - Principles of Science
  • VE10400 - Animal Husbandry
  • VE10500 - Alimentary, endocrine and urogenital systems 
  • VE10600 - Neurology, ophthalmology and special senses

BVSc Year 2: 

  • VE20100 - Principles of Veterinary Practice & Evidence Based Medicine 
  • VE20200 - Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Locomotor and Skin Systems 
  • VE20300 - Principles of Science 
  • VE20400 - Alimentary, endocrine and urogenital systems
  • VE20500 - Population Medicine & Veterinary Public Health

Actual detail of the assessments will be held in Aberystwyth University's Virtual Learning Environment and only visible to registered students.

Progression Rules for BVSc Year 1 and 2  (4.4 BVSc Year 1 and Year 2: Rules for Progression)

Veterinary Nursing

FdSc & BSc in Veterinary Nursing

Graduate Certificate & Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Nursing 

Masters Courses 

MSc Module Regulations

Part 1: Assessment Regulations

Part 3: MSc Module Assessment Weightings

MSc Grade Conversions for Joint Courses and Other Designations


PGDip in Veterinary Clinical Practice

PGCert in Veterinary Clinical Studies



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