* Special update *

To help prevent the spread of covid-19, we have taken the decision to suspend the facility whereby clients can visit hospitalised patients until further notice. Thank you for your understanding during this sensitive time.

We recognise that when your pet is ill and hospitalised with us that you and your family may like to visit your pet and we always do our best to accommodate such visits.

However, patients can get tired very quickly and it can be upsetting for both you and them when you leave again. All visits must be made by prior agreement with the clinician looking after your pet. We unfortunately may not be able to accommodate all requests.

All pet owner visits are by appointment only. In order to book an appointment, please call us and ask to speak to the clinician treating your pet. We would appreciate as much notice as possible to avoid any disappointment


  • Unfortunately, visiting patients hospitalised in our Isolation facility (due to contagious diseases) is not permitted.
  • Visiting may be limited by your pets’ condition, treatment or scheduled procedures.
  • Visiting is not part of the hospitals’ consultation process and any questions relating to your pet’s treatment regime or investigative procedures should be conducted through the clinician responsible.
  • A maximum of four visitors per patient is allowed at any one time and it may be necessary to stagger your visits.
  • Children can be restricted from visiting a patient in the same way that they are in NHS Hospitals; you must ask permission for children to visit.  

Your responsibilities 

  • You are not permitted to be present for clinical procedures, ward rounds or treatments.
  • You must use the alcohol sanitiser / gel to clean your hands on entering and leaving the hospital.
  • You are kindly asked not to bring in babies. Children under 5 years can stay for a maximum of 30 minutes, children over five years old can stay for a maximum of one hour.
  • You are responsible for, and in control of, your children if they are visiting
  • The hospital has a No-Smoking Policy; you are asked to observe the designated outdoor smoking areas.
  • You should not visit your pet if you are ill or may be an infection risk to staff or students.
  • The duration of visits, or numbers of visitors, may be limited by the clinician in charge if it is felt to be in the best interest of your pet, or if it is felt to be detrimental to your pets’ well-being.
  • If you bring in perishable food for your pet’s consumption, it must be clearly labelled with your pets name, use-by date and storage instructions, failure to do so will result in the food being disposed of. The hospital will not accept, or feed, raw meats to patients.
  • You are requested not to touch your pets’ wounds or any medical equipment that they are attached to, such as drips or catheters. This can cause, introduce, or spread, infection.
  • You are responsible for the safety and security of your belongings and these are not encouraged to be left for your pet due to the potential risk of infection source.

This information is also available in printable format - Visiting your hospitalised pet (pdf).

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