We know you will be missing your pet whilst they are hospitalised with us, our passion is patient care and so we will keep you updated regularly by telephone.


  • Routine visits for hospitalised pets are unfortunately not possible due to the large number of pets we treat and the need to prioritise their care, thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • Visits can be facilitated if your pet’s medical condition deteriorates and we feel that an in person case discussion might be beneficial for further decision making.

Your responsibilities 

  • You are not permitted to be present for clinical procedures, ward rounds or treatments.
  • You must use the alcohol sanitiser / gel to clean your hands on entering and leaving the hospital.
  • You are responsible for, and in control of, your children if they are visiting
  • The hospital has a No-Smoking Policy; you are asked to observe the designated outdoor smoking areas.
  • You should not visit your pet if you are ill or may be an infection risk to staff or students.
  • You are requested not to touch your pets’ wounds or any medical equipment that they are attached to, such as drips or catheters. This can cause, introduce, or spread, infection.
  • You are responsible for the safety and security of your belongings and these are not encouraged to be left for your pet due to the potential risk of infection source.

We understand what a worrying time it will be for you while your pet is with us, you can rest assured that if your pets’ condition changes at any point we will be in touch without delay.

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