When you arrive at the RVC's Queen Mother Hospital for Animals (QMHA) please let the Reception team know you've arrived and then take a seat in the appropriate waiting area.

The Consultation Process

Final year veterinary student starts consultation

  • Collects you and your pet from waiting room
  • Takes a full history
  • Performs clinical examination

Student leaves consultation to discuss case with an experienced, qualified or specialist vet

  • Student relays information to vet, suggests possible investigations or treatment
  • This is essential learning and reflection time for veterinary students

Vet and student return to the consultation

  • Vet may ask further questions and examine your pet
  • Vet fully explains options for investigation and treatment of your pet’s condition, including risks and complications of any procedure
  • Students gain vital learning by observing vet

At the end of the consultation your pet may be admitted to the hospital and you go home

Your pet’s case is discussed further, after the consultation:

  • With an experienced, qualified vet or specialist vet
  • As needed with other specialist veterinary teams within the hospital so that your pet can benefit from the advice of all the veterinary experts in their field
  • Allows further analysis and consideration of your pet’s case, refining and optimising the plan
  • This is essential learning time for students and the whole specialist led team of vets and nurses as we are constantly learning from each other

What this means for you and your pet

  • Every patient benefits from multiple sets of veterinary eyes.
  • Your pet receives the benefit of some of the profession’s most experienced vets, some of whom are internationally recognised leaders in their specialist field.
  • Your pet receives the care and enthusiasm of our talented next generation of vets and specialist vets, by helping others to learn we offer first class care to your pet.
  • The consultation process takes into account the presenting condition of your pet so emergency care is rapid and prioritised.


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