Our workshops aim to introduce school students to the field of veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing and bio-veterinary science through a range of exciting group activities.

A career working with animals is often overlooked and we hope by the end of the session students are better informed on what a career with animals looks like! This project aims to target school students who come from ethnically diverse backgrounds, with the hope of diversifying veterinary and animal-related sciences. To find out more or book a school workshop please fill in an enquiry form or email us


Careers fairs

In addition to student-led workshops, we believe career fairs are an excellent opportunity to interact with students, teachers and parents and discuss the different animal-related career paths that exist. You would be surprised by how diverse a career working with animals can be - you don’t just have to be a vet! If you are a school and are interested in us coming to your careers fair, please email us

Other activities

We aim to provide a wide range of different activities that students can participate in. We are also proud to be partnered with the Royal Veterinary College who offers amazing events and opportunities throughout the year such as Sutton Trust Summer School and Teen Vet Club.

“Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I love the activities. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of interesting things” - Year 10 student

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