Published: 07 Dec 2016 | Last Updated: 13 Dec 2016 13:34:30

This week the Structure & Motion Lab has been taken over by several large birds!

Bird behaviourists and handlers Lloyd and Rose Buck have been lending their expertise and the assistance of several members of their bird family to a research team lead by Dr Richard Bomphrey and Dr Jim Usherwood.  The team are researching the aerodynamics of bird flight and Dr Jorn Cheney has spent months setting up complex apparatus including high speed cameras to capture as much data as possible.  Species they are looking at include goshawks, ravens and falcons.

A gyrfalcon flies across the Structure and Motion Lab

This work is in collaboration with Dr Shane Windsor, Nick Durston and Jonathan Stevenson of Bristol University's Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Please visit Lloyd and Rose's website for lots more information on the various projects and work that they do with these fantastic animals:

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