Published: 21 Aug 2015 | Last Updated: 21 Aug 2015 11:02:51

This month RVC Animal Welfare Science and Ethics kicked off the brand new RVC International summer school for students who are considering studying Veterinary or Biological Sciences at RVC with an interactive session on animal welfare to promote our new BSc in Animal Behaviour Welfare and Ethics. Forty four students from all over the world including US and Hong Kong learnt about how preference tests can be used to ask animals, in this case chickens, questions about what they want and that individual animals may differ in their choices and behaviour, which may impact upon their welfare. The activity was a great success and propelled the students into the 12 day summer school experience. 

Summer school students being taught on Bolton Park Farm
Summer school students handling chickens

More about our new BSc in Animal Behaviour Welfare and Ethics can be found here. More about the RVC international summer school can be found here

Summer school students collecting data on farm


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