Published: 20 Mar 2018 | Last Updated: 20 Mar 2018 13:33:56

Natalie Chancellor, AWSE's Research Technician now Assistant Scientist received a glowing letter of commendation after being put forward by colleagues for the Royal Society of Biology’s HE Bioscience Technician of the Year Award. 

The award 'seeks to recognise the superb work of technical staff, which underpins the bioscience research and teaching at all levels in universities across the UK and Ireland'. For this RSB look for technical staff who, amongst many things, make a positive impact, inspire others and deliver innovation and efficiency. 

Natalie supports research and teaching about animal biology, veterinary science, behaviour and welfare at the Royal Veterinary College. The field of biology that she specialises in means that she not only helps her faculty colleagues and students, but also has a direct impact on the welfare of the animals that she works with. We rely on Natalie’s common sense and integrity, because working on animal welfare can be physically, scientifically and emotionally demanding.

Natalie's application was shortlisted with other applications of 'incredibly high standard', 'just missing out on the final two winning places'.

Congratulations Natalie on the acknowledgement of your clear commitment to your career and university.

Natalie kneels down with some feed, Surrounded by Guinea fowl


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