Published: 03 Aug 2018 | Last Updated: 22 Aug 2018 08:59:01

 4 of our BSc and Masters students represented the RVC at the 20th BIAZA research conference at Paignton Zoo - 9th-11th July.

A great opportunity to display their work on some very interesting and worthy questions:


Mitali Sharma,  gave a talk on her BSc ABWE project - supervised by Dr Maria Diez-Leon - on enrichment effects on abnormal repetitive behaviours and space use in California sea lions at ZSL.

Alice Barrett, gave a talk on her MSc WAB project - supervised by Dr Charlotte Burn - on whether deterrent signs could help mitigate visitor effects on Sulawesi crested macaques at 5 UK zoos.

Jamie Redden, presented a poster on her on-going MSc WAB project - co-supervised by Dr Maria Diez-Leon  - on enclosure and feeding effects on the behaviour of Amur tigers (at ZSL, Paradise Wildlife Park, Marwell Zoo, Colchester Zoo and Yorkshire Wildlife Park) .

Rebecca Lewis,  presented a poster on her MSc WAB project - co-supervised by Dr Siobhan Abeyesinghe- on visitor effects on the behaviour of Western lowland gorillas at ZSL.

All talks and poster were well received and generated a lot of interest. Well Done everyone involved!

If you would like more information on the ABWE Bioscience Degree please visit:


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