Fri, 17 Apr 2020

Author: Dominic Barfield

Duration: 01:38:00

Today we are delighted to have Professor Richard Kock remotely recording with Brian and myself all appropriately social distancing in our homes. Richard is Professor here at the RVC in Wildlife Health and Emerging Diseases. Apt timing perhaps to record this perhaps. Richard is the last person known to diagnose a case of Rinderpest in the world and assisted with his team to help eradicate this virus. Richard has been involved in many other projects globally and he speaks about a few of them with us today. Humbling and inspiring, Richard speaks modestly about his involvement in One Health, and why we all need to be more involved. We hope that you enjoy, stay safe.

To find out more about Richard use the following link: 

Here are some links to some of Richard’s papers: 

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