Published: 30 Apr 2018 | Last Updated: 30 Apr 2018 15:53:32

Congratulations to Stefano Catalano who has been awarded the Walter and Dorothy Plowright Memorial Prize for young researchers at last week's Veterinary Research Club meeting for his abstract presentation that focussed on the role of rodents in the epidemiology and evolution of zoonotic Schistosoma species and hybrids.  Stefano is a PhD student who is part of the ZELS studentship programme (funded by BBSRC).  He is supervised by Professor Joanne Webster, Dr Mariama Sene-Wade (Université Gaston Berger – Saint-Louis du Sénégal) and Professor David Rollinson (Natural History Museum).

The prize is named after Dr Walter Plowright FRS and his widow, Dorothy. Dr Plowright was Head of Microbiology at the Institute for Animal Health’s Compton Laboratory from 1978 to 1983 and has been widely celebrated for his work to develop a vaccine that contributed to the global eradication of rinderpest.  The Veterinary Research Club was established in 1929 by a small group of veterinary researchers to provide a forum for discussion of ongoing work. It has grown to a membership of around 200 professional veterinary research workers. 

Stefano Catalano with the Webster Lab at a ZELS-AS meeting in Tanzania

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