Published: 10 Apr 2018 | Last Updated: 10 Apr 2018 16:22:09

The RVC’s VetCompass™ Programme shares anonymised clinical data with over 20% of UK vet practices and is now the largest research database of veterinary clinical data in the world. The impact of the research flowing from VetCompass™ studies was evident at this year’s BSAVA Congress which featured 7 oralVetCompass™ presentations on topics ranging from diabetes in cats to breed-specific studies on cat and dogs.

Alice Leach presenting at BSAVA Congress

Refreshingly, 6 of these 7 topics were presented by current RVC undergraduates which also highlights the power ofVetCompass™ as a teaching and career development tool for the next generation of RVC veterinary graduates: 

Presenter   Current Position Title
Georgia Teesdale Twyford RVC BVetMed5 student Is previous glucocorticoid therapy associatedwith likelihood of diabetic relapse amongcats in diabetic remission?
Jean Lester RVC BVetMed5 student What’s up with Golden Retrievers underprimary veterinary care in the UK.
Alice Leach RVC BVetMed5 student Getting under the skin of the Shar Pei usingprimary-care veterinary clinical records
Jordon Egan RVC BVetMed3 student How common is common? Estimatedprevalence of recurrent seizures disorders incats under primary veterinary care in the UK
Rachel Ball RVC BVetMed5 student What’s up with sausage dogs: health ofminiature Dachshunds in UK primary practice
Georgina Harris Cambridge University resident Clinical presentation and medicalmanagement of German shepherd dogs withpresumed degenerative lumbosacral stenosisin first opinion practice in the UK
Charlotte Romans RVC BVetMed5 student Deciphering common health issues in Persiancats under primary veterinary care in the UK


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