Published: 29 May 2015 | Last Updated: 29 May 2015 16:02:11

Sophie Regnault has been awarded the Linda Munson Pathology Manuscript Award for 2014 for the following paper:  

Osteopathology in the feet of rhinoceroses: Lesion type and distribution. (2013)
Regnault, S; Hermes, R; Hildebrandt, T; Hutchinson, J; Weller, R.

This award is made to the best zoo or wildlife pathological manuscript published each year by a graduate student or resident in either the Journal of Wildlife Diseases or the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.

The study aimed to describe osteopathology in rhinoceros feet and identify normal and abnormal osteologic features of rhinoceros feet. The metacarpal-tarsal and phalangeal bones from 81 feet (67 skeletal specimens and 14 cadaveric feet), derived from 27 rhinoceroses of various species, were evaluated in the study (1 black, 11 white, 2 greater one-horned, 3 Javan, 9 Sumatran, and 1 unknown). Bones were examined visually (skeletal specimens) or by computed tomography (cadaver specimens) for evidence of bony lesions. This study was an important first step in identifying both normal and pathologic features of rhinoceros feet and hopefully has contributed to the improved knowledge and care of these species.   

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