Published: 08 Sep 2017 | Last Updated: 08 Sep 2017 13:52:30

Dr Madeleine Campbell, Dr Mandi de Mestre, Professor Ken Smith, Daniel Hampshire, Dr Belinda Rose and Lauren Hamstead have recently published the results of their HBLB funded work on the development of a welfare-friendly, ethical method of oestrus suppression for mares. Their findings have relevance to clinicians as they suggest that intrauterine infusion of peanut oil, contrary to a previous report, is not a reliable method of oestrus suppression in all mares. Furthermore, the treatment causes at least a short term insult to endometrial health. The paper can be viewed in open access for a short time at,28LgwA6V

Campbell, M L H; Hampshire, D; Hamstead, L; Rose, B; Smith, K C; De Mestre, A M.
The effects of intrauterine infusion of peanut oil on endometrial health, salivary cortisol and interovulatory period in mares.

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