Published: 05 Feb 2015 | Last Updated: 10 Aug 2023 12:04:27

Two projects have each been awarded £2,000 from the RVC’s internal competition to support public engagement projects relating to RVC research.  

Dr Dan O’Neill will be using the funds to create a “Learn Zone” interactive tool on the VetCompass website. This will enable members of the public to interrogate the extensive and growing VetCompass database of primary-care veterinary clinical data with questions about species, breed, sex, bodyweight, neuter status, insurance status, microchip status and location – effectively allowing them to undertake their own research into the demography of UK companion animals.  

Dr Rowena Packer is organising a one-day event to provide information and support to owners of dogs with Idiopathic Epilepsy (IE), aiming to improve their understanding of IE and the way they manage their dogs.  The event will also launch a new canine epilepsy app, which will enable owners to maintain a diary of seizures, with a medication log and reminders to help management and monitoring of the illness – as well as provide valuable data for further research and clinical application. 

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