Published: 16 Feb 2016 | Last Updated: 16 Feb 2016 13:29:57

An article by RVC researchers has been published in Journal of Immunology. In this work, RVC researchers set about to understand microRNA regulation of helper T cells development.  

MicroRNAs, as their name implies, are small RNAs that provide an essential regulation of gene expression by controlling translation of protein expressing messenger RNAs. Previously it was known that microRNAs were important for the development of a subset of helper T cells called regulatory T cells, which are required to regulate the immune response and prevent attacks against host tissue that lead to autoimmunity.  In this article the researchers describe their identification of important individual microRNAs and relevant genes they regulate to control regulatory T cell development. Therefore, through this work the researchers have identified a novel way of regulating helper T cell development and controlling the immune response.   

This article has been recently featured in "Atlas of Science". The main focus of Atlas of Science is publishing layman’s abstracts of research articles to highlight research to a broader audience and to promote Scientists all over the world with supportive information about new publications. We support this concept of publishing lay summaries of research articles.  

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