Published: 23 Jun 2015 | Last Updated: 23 Jun 2015 15:34:18

The genetic history of native Welsh sheep breeds can show us the migration habits of Britain’s historic peoples according to a new study by The Royal Veterinary College, University of London and Aberystwyth University.

The three year research project has mapped the genomic-history of all 18 native breeds of Welsh sheep. As well as providing a look at migration, the research will also help Welsh farmers breed superior sheep by identifying genetic inefficiencies in the animals, helping boost agricultural and economical practices in the country’s farming sector.

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Beynon, SE; Slavov, GT; Farre, M; Sunduimijid, B; Waddams, K; Davies, B; Haresign, W; Kijas, J; MacLeod, IM; Newbold, CJ; Davies, J; Larkin, DM.
Population structure and history of the Welsh sheep breeds determined by whole genome genotyping. (2015)
BMC Genetics, 16;65

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