Published: 19 Mar 2015 | Last Updated: 19 Mar 2015 10:02:05

An article, involving an RVC researcher, has been selected by Equine Veterinary Journal as being one of the most clinically relevant to appear on EVJ's Early View section this month.  As a result, a synopsis of the article will be circulated to equine practitioners via BEVA's e-News and also sent to organisations such as AAEP.

The study, which involved Dr Thilo Pfau, aimed to estimate inter- and intra-rater agreement of equine veterinarians evaluating lameness from videos of sound and lame horses during lungeing and to investigate the influence of veterinarians' experience and the objective degree of movement asymmetry on rater agreement.

Hammarberg, A; Egenvall, T; Pfau, T; Rhodin, M.
Rater agreement of visual lameness assessment in horses during lungeing. (2015)

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