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Important Pricing Update

We want to inform all applicants that we have recently made a minor adjustment to our course fees after four years without any changes. This adjustment is part of our commitment to providing exceptional education while remaining competitive in our field. Please ensure that your purchase orders reflect this pricing change when applying. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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You may use this form to register up to four applicants on these courses. If you wish to register more than four people please email Please note that you must include email addresses and telephone numbers for each applicant.

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NB All certificates will be sent to the Named Training and Competency Officer's (NTCO) address.

Confirmation that your booking has been received will be sent to this email address.


I wish to book places on the following modules (insert dates or tick boxes as necessary). See Course Dates for the current list of dates on which these courses will be running.

NOTE: The core PIL A-C course covers rats and mice only. If you wish to work with other species, such as large animals, rabbits, or carnivores, you will need to do the appropriate course.


Self-study with LIVE exam and tutor supervision


(two days) Live online


(three days) Live online


(one day) Live online


(two days) Live online


First species (one day) Live online

Optional additional species (+ £125) (same day)


(one day) Live online



(one day)


Self-study by distance learning


On request

(one day)



(one day)


On request

(one day)


Self-study with practical handling


On request

(half day) 1pm – 3.30pm


On request

(half day) 1pm – 4.30pm


On request

(three days)


Participation in the practical classes involves handling animals of various species.

Please indicate here (tick box) if any applicants have an animal allergy and contact the course administrator with details prior to the course.


A form of payment must accompany each application for the total amount, made payable to The Royal Veterinary College. Please note that all our courses are VAT exempt. Tick a box below, and provide details. A purchase order number is required even if you are paying by credit card.

A purchase order number is required even if you are paying by credit card.

Payment information

The information in this section is mandatory. Your application will not be processed unless all the details are provided.

(Does not apply to RVC staff paying by internal transfer)


The deadline for course applications is two weeks before the course date. Please note that cancellation within five days of the course start date will incur the full fee, and cancellation within two weeks of the course start date will incur half fee.

Personal data provided on this form will be kept in accordance with UK data protection in accordance with UK Data Protection Law for the purposes of administering the courses, providing authorised certification via the RSB and as a record of compliance for your organisation and the Home Office.

By submitting this form I declare that the information provided above is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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