Upon request, the contract research unit can work with the RVC's Veterinary Epidemiology, Economics and Public Health group, which has extensive experience of assisting clients in study design and analysis of complex data, collected from trials, field studies or surveillance activities.  

A key strength of this group is the ability to combine an understanding of biological relationships with quantitative analysis methods to maximise scientific knowledge.  

Advice on the quantitative aspects of scientific study design, addressing particular research questions with the objective of minimising possible biases and attaining acceptable levels of statistical power, can be incorporated into the study design and protocol by the CRU.

RVC experts are experienced in statistical and epidemiological analysis of data from observational and experimental studies. This is supported by specific methodological strengths and experience in the application of probabilistic risk assessment, spatial analysis and social network analysis to research questions relevant to disease control.

In recent years, these skills have been applied to a range of topics such as epidemics of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Asia and foot and mouth disease in the UK, surveillance of scrapie and farm-level biosecurity. Consultancy research contracts involve work with national agencies such as APHA, charities such as Dogs Trust, European organisations such as EFSA and international agencies such as FAO, ILRI and IFPRI.

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