The Animal Care Trust is working with the London Parachute School to provide the chance to take the plunge and enjoy a once in a lifetime skydiving experience.

In return for you raising a minimum amount of funds for the Animal Care Trust, your skydive or parachute jump will be FREE!

Charity Tandem Skydive

Minimum sponsorship - £400

You will jump from up to 13,500 feet attached to your instructor using a specially designed dual harness. The instructor controls the freefall, parachute opening and landing, leaving you free to enjoy the view and the sensation of freefall. As Tandem skydiving does not require an intensive ground school (approx. 30 minutes to 1 hour) it is normally an activity completed in one day.

Dropzone address - Chiltern Park Aerodrome, Icknield Road, Ipsden OX10 6AS

For more information and to register your interest please contact us.

Please read the medical guidance and terms and conditions to check your eligibility to jump. 

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