Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Hawkshead

Clinical Groups: Equine Surgery

Research Centres: Structure & Motion Laboratory

Justin is a Lecturer in Equine Surgery at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). He holds the RCVS Certificate in Equine Surgery (Soft Tissue), the ECVS Diploma in Large Animal Surgery and is a European Specialist in Large Animal Surgery

Justin graduated from the RVC in 1997 and completed a Junior Clinical Training Scholarship at the RVC in 1998. He then completed 3-year Senior Clinical Training Scholarship in Equine Surgery and Masters of Science at the University of Edinburgh and Auburn University, U.S.A. He worked as a lecturer in Equine Surgery at University College Dublin, Ireland before returning to the RVC in 2003 as a lecturer in Equine Surgery.

Justin’s current research includes new surgical techniques for laryngoplasty and paranasal sinus surgery in horses

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He is interested in all aspects of soft tissue surgery

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