Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Hawkshead

  • Feline Diabetic Diet Research Trial : Reglucat study

    People: Ruth Gostelow, Amrita Mohanty, Lucy Davison

    The RVC Diabetic Remission Clinic is recruiting for a 1-year trial examining the ability of a new prescription diet to promote weight loss and diabetic remission in overweight cats with diabetes mellitus. The trial period will last for 1 year; cats will only be fed the test diet for the first 12 weeks and will be then monitored up to 52 weeks. Patients will attend 7 consultations at the RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals at the RVC in Hertfordshire. The project will also investigate how achieving diabetic remission, and weight loss, affects the gut microbiome of diabetic cats.

  • Feline Diabetic Diet Research Trial : Reglucat study

    This research trial (REGLUCAT) will assess the ability of a new feline prescription diabetic food to promote weight loss - and hopefully diabetic remission - in diabetic cats who are overweight to some degree.

    This research aims to provide a new and effective form of treatment for overweight diabetic cats, using dietary change to promote diabetic remission.

    Identifying treatments that can achieve diabetic remission will encourage many owners to pursue treatment and will greatly improve the quality of life for diabetic cats.

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