Boltons Park is a busy place with four full-time staff keeping us going all year round, and students who we train up to milk and feed the animals at weekends.

We also help local school leavers by training them to become weekend helpers. Most go on to become vet students and it is great to see them come back to the farm on their course as undergraduates.

The Team

Charlie Verity

Charlie has worked at the RVC for 28 years, 15 of which have been on the farm. Charlie manages the farm and the herd, spends a lot of time with students, keeping the paperwork up-to-date and accurate, optimising cow performance, liaising with teaching staff, organising appropriate animals for classes and maintaining their welfare.

Welfare is an important part of Charlie's role, she takes great care to minimise the amount of time our cows are waiting for students. A happy cow is one that can eat, drink and rest and this is how we like them to spend their time.

Charlie can be contacted by email:


For further information about the farm please email us at


Boltons Park Farm
44 Hawkshead Road
Potters Bar
Herts EN6 1NB

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