Based on the Royal Veterinary College's (RVC) Hawkshead Estate in Hertfordshire, Boltons Park Farm has been an essential part of the RVC’s activities for over 45 years.

The farm consists of 200 hectares of mainly grazing grass. We have 20 hectares of ancient mixed woodland along with the younger woods since planted by the RVC.

We have 120 Holstein Friesian cows milking at the farm and a further 90 heifers which will join the herd as milking cows after their first calf at around two years old. For most of the year the herd grazes outside during the day and comes inside at night.

Our 300 sheep are of mixed breeds and mostly graze all year in the fields adjacent to the Potters Bar golf club.

Our Norfolk Bronze and Black turkey flock are reared in environmentally enhanced conditions - the breed is ideal as it suits our rearing system well, is slow growing and produces a beautiful product.

Why are we here?

The farm is the RVC’s farm animal practical teaching facility. We host a wide range of student practical tasks and demonstrations. Our animals are very used to being handled and take it all in their stride! Last year students and visitors spent over 16,000 hours at Boltons Park. Year on year this figure increases.

Typical Student Activities at the Farm are:

  • Weekly herd health visits
  • Lambing practicals and night watch
  • Lameness scoring
  • Emergency vet visits
  • Rectal classes
  • Elective projects and presentations
  • Feeding and nutrition classes
  • Routine testing
  • Animal handling practicals
  • California milk testing
  • Extra Mural Studies
  • Cattle and Sheep foot trimming
  • Animal welfare sessions
  • Poultry handling and management
  • Farm appraisals

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