Norfolk Bronze and Black Farm Fresh Turkeys

For more than ten years our fantastic Norfolk Bronze and Black turkeys have been on sale for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

All profits from the sale of turkeys go to support the RVC's farm based projects.

  • Breeds: We use six slow growing, traditional bronze and black breeds to provide a good spread of sizes.
  • Welfare: All of our birds are reared in spacious open barns with natural light and ventilation where they can choose to be in or out of the weather. Birds have roosting perches and welfare stations to keep them occupied.
  • Diet: We feed the flock a natural balanced diet that is over 70% cereal based. No animal protein or growth promoting additives are used.
  • Age: The birds are grown, on farm, over five to six months which ensures that they are fully mature adult birds that have a dense, marbled meat with a succulent texture when cooked.
  • Production: Prepared on the farm premises with minimum stress to the birds. They are dry plucked by hand, hung long-legged for two weeks at a constant 3.5 degrees until Christmas - no blast chilling and no added enhancements are used.
  • Guarantee: Each Boltons Park Farm Turkey is bought directly from the farmer and carries our quality guarantee, which includes a money-back commitment in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction.

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For further details contact us at or call: 07793 804090.

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