Application information for students applying to the BVetMed Accelerated programme (D102) can be found below. It is each applicant's responsibility to ensure they fully complete the application process, so make sure you read all the information provided carefully.

It is not possible to transfer to the D102 course programme from a degree programme partly completed at another university. Applications will not be considered from students currently on a degree programme unless they are in their final year and applying for graduate entry. No exemption is granted from any course component.


All students, apart from those applying through VMCAS (see below), must apply for the Accelerated BVetMed programme via UCAS online. The course code for the programme is D102 and the institution code for the RVC is RVET R84.

Deadline: 15 October for the following year’s entry. International and EU students may find the international information on the UCAS website helpful. Applications are welcome from those who wish to defer entry until after a gap year.

Please note: In order to be considered for the 5-year BVetMed programme (D100), you will need to make a separate application specifically to that programme. You are welcome to apply to both versions of the course (D100 and D102) but note this will take up two of your choices on UCAS. You are able to apply to up to four veterinary medicine or science programmes on UCAS.

Interviews for D102 will be held in December 2019, with the exception of interviews in North America (mid-November) or South-East Asia (early January). If invited, it is often not possible to rearrange an interview for a different date, so applicants must ensure they are available for interview before applying and inform us by email of any specific days within this time period when they are unavailable.

Work experience: Applicant Supplementary Form

All applicants (except VMCAS applicants) must complete the online Applicant Supplementary Form and submit it to the RVC by the UCAS deadline of 15 October. This must be completed via the link; forms will not be sent to candidates.

Repeat applications

In view of the large number and high quality of new candidates coming forward each year, we are normally unable to consider more than one repeat application. If you decide to reapply to the RVC, this will be treated as a new application and will be reviewed independently, without consideration of your first application. As a result, you will need to re-submit any supporting information, irrespective of whether it was previously provided or not.


Students from US/Canadian colleges wishing to apply for the BVetMed Graduate Accelerated programme must apply through the VMCAS application system; deadline 17 September. Your supplementary form must also be received by the same date. See our North American entry requirements for more information.

North American high school students may only apply to the five-year BVetMed programme (D100) or the six-year BVetMed with intercalated year (D101) through UCAS.

Interviews for North American applicants will be held in mid-November 2019. Please ensure you have informed us of any dates you will be unavailable well in advance.

Admissions calendar for 2020 entry

Date Comments
From early-September                                   Applications can be submitted through the UCAS website from early September 2019. Applicant supplementary forms can be submitted through the RVC website from around the same time.
17 September (1pm EST) Closing date for applications from US/Canadian college students via VMCAS, and for VMCAS supplementary forms to reach the RVC.
15 October (18.00 GMT) Closing date for applications through UCAS, and for applicant supplementary forms to reach the RVC.

Mid November

Interviews held at venues in North America for selected VMCAS applicants. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed at this stage. The interviews will involve different stations and a group exercise. It will be very difficult to re-arrange an interview once invited so you must ensure that you have given us any dates when you would not be available.

9-11 November: Philadelphia, PA

13 November: Fort Worth, TX

16-17 November: Los Angeles, CA 

December Interviews held for selected UCAS applicants at our Camden Campus. The interviews will involve different stations and a group exercise. It will not normally be possible to re-arrange an interview once invited, so you must ensure that you have given us any dates when you would not be available.
Early January

Interviews held in South-East Asia for selected applicants based in Asia or Oceania not attending our UK interviews. It will not normally be possible to re-arrange an interview once invited.

10-11 January: Singapore 

January to March

Interviewed applicants find out whether or not their application has been successful through UCAS Track (or via email if a VMCAS applicant).

Late spring Accommodation information sent to all applicants who have accepted offers as Firm, or are still to respond.
To see all the opportunities that are available for you to visit/meet the RVC visit:


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