Disability Support for Students and Staff

Disability Statement 

The College has developed a Disability Statement to specify its commitment to promoting equality for and insisting on respect towards all disabled people. 

Employees, students, visitors, consultants, clients and contractors to the College should be treated with courtesy, fairness and respect and are expected to treat others in the same way. This policy applies to all College premises, and all College Employees and Students working at other premises.
Click this link to read the full Dignity at Work and Study policy.

Disability Advisor 

The RVC has dedicated procedures and support for students provided by the Disability Adviser.

Any student who has a disability, learning difference or long term physical or mental health condition can register with the our Advice Centre and request that support is put in place to enable them to live well and study well. Even if you have received support for a learning difference or disability previously, it is important that things are in place for you at the College and you know what kind of support may be available to you.

Areas covered include:

      • Applying for extra time or other examination arrangements
      • Learning difference support;
      • Obtaining a new diagnostic assessment
      • Advice on funding availableInformation about Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)
      • Assistance with the application processInformation about course requirements and how these might impact health conditions and learning styles
      • Referrals for specialist study skills tuition
      • Mentoring for students with long term mental health problems.

Advice Centre: Disability, Learning Difference and Long Term Health Issues

The Disability Adviser provides information and guidance on all aspects of Disability, Long-term physical and mental health conditions and SpLDs, including information on how to access Special Exam Arrangements (SEA) and application for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) for UK students and support from the RVC for International students. All Student Advisers can conduct SpLD screenings and deal with standard enquiries about disabilities: SEA, DSA, funding applications and so on.

Specialist dyslexia/dyspraxia and ADHD/ADD Assessment and Referral

The RVC Advice Centre can provide free of screening for Special Learning Difficulties. The Centre supports students to apply for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) and further referrals to for support to either the RVC’s own specialist provider DAC or to a provider of the student’s choice.

Special Learning Difficulties

Initial screening for Special Learning Difficulties can be provided free of charge by the Advice Centre. Further referral can be to our preferred provider DAC or equivalent, or to a provider of the student’s own choice. The RVC provides space for 4 specialist tutors on site (2 at each campus 2 days a week) for the students convenience.

Specialist Mentoring

Students may be allocated up to 30 sessions per annum with a specialist study skills tutor and may be eligible for specialist mentoring A mentor helps the mentee to identify, define and articulate their individual goals and personal motives. For some, mentoring can help by:Motivating and empowering the student to identify their own issues and targets, and help them to find ways of resolving or reaching them.Supporting and encouraging the student to find ways to manage their own learning and development.Mentoring is awarded through DSA allowance or an RVC equivalent. Our preferred provider for mentoring is the University Mentoring Organisation. For more details, please see Disability, Learning Difference & Long Term Health Issues

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