With a team of over 200 dedicated and professional staff, RVC Small Animal Referrals is the largest and most comprehensive small animal referral service in Europe.  

We offer a friendly and responsive service for referring vets and pet owners, and our clinicians have strong relationships with colleagues in the wider veterinary community. Our veterinary specialists and are commonly engaged in research aimed at advancing veterinary practice.

Our transdisciplinary approach to patient care involves consultation across all specialities. With a broad spectrum of specialities working together under one roof you can be confident that whatever the condition or combination of conditions your animal has, the team will do the best they can for the patient. We work on many complex cases where conditions span different veterinary specialties and on such cases specialists from different teams collaborate to get the best for the patient. Therefore, rather than be referred to one vet, our referred patients can benefit from the breadth and depth of expertise across the whole RVC team. 

Our vets have often been the first in Europe – and sometimes the world – to provide pioneering treatment to animals. Read about some of the advanced techniques delivered at the RVC which lead the way in veterinary practice. 

RVC Small Animal Referrals is the first recognised Veterinary Trauma Centre outside of North America and have been designated the highest level (Level 1 Trauma Centre). We also have a blood donor programme and operate the largest small animal blood bank in the UK. 

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