The RVC is a world-leader among research centres that investigate brachycephalic health and welfare.

The RVC sees the brachycephalic issue as a highly complex system and therefore takes a holistic approach to brachycephalic research that covers basic and population science, human social factors as well as clinical and welfare work. RVC academics and researchers are recognised globally as international experts who work collaboratively within multi-disciplinary teams to generate new knowledge that ultimately improves animal welfare.

As part of these efforts, the RVC has now formed a dedicated Brachycephalic Research Team to maximise collaborative focus on the priority issues among the brachycephalic questions. Comprising many experts in their fields, this team will work towards providing an ever-stronger evidence-base on which positive reforms can be built.

Team Vision

Reduce the negative welfare impacts of brachycephalism on companion animals through world-leading research and education

Team Mission

Drive multi-disciplinary cutting-edge research of the highest global quality through clinical and academic collaboration and leadership across the RVC and with outside partners

Given the welfare issues associated with these breeds, a core message is "Stop and think before buying a flat-faced dog".

Our current research projects focus on a variety of issues surrounding brachycephalic health and welfare. Alongside this we continue to publish papers highlighting this research.

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