About the Brachycephalic Research Team

Brachycephalic (or "short-nosed") dogs, such as the French bulldog, pug and British bulldog, have experienced exponential popularity increases both in the UK and internationally in the last decade.

However, these breeds have some serious, often severe inherent health problems associated with their body shape.

We are leading the way in exploring how we can change public perception. Understanding how we can refine their body shape of these high-risk breeds to reduce their risk of disease is a high priority to improving canine welfare in the UK and beyond.

Given the welfare issues associated with these breeds, a core message is:

"Stop and think before buying a flat-faced dog"

VetCompassTM is an RVC research programme focused on generating and disseminating epidemiological information on companion animals that can be applied to benefit animal health and welfare. VetCompass is the world’s largest generator of evidence from veterinary clinical records, with 70 publications to date that report the range and frequency of companion animal health problems and identify important risk factors for the most common disorders. Read more about the VetCompassTM

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