At the Royal Veterinary College, we provide a long-established diagnostic farm animal post mortem service.

The RVC- Farm Animal Pathology and Diagnostics services (FAPD) are an expert Post Mortem Examination provider for the Government’s Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). Post mortem examinations (PME) of farmed animals that are considered suitable for surveillance purposes will be eligible for a subsidised post mortem charge.

Post Mortem Services

We provide a post mortem service for all farmed animal species including cattle, small ruminants, pigs, deer, camelids, poultry and gamebirds. For enquiries regarding post mortem examinations of farmed animals please phone the RVC- Farm Animal Pathology and Diagnostics Services (FAPD) on 07793801684 (or 01707-666630). We can also be contacted on

The RVC-FAPD is a third party PME provider for APHA and can therefore offer PMEs for a subsidised charge if the carcass is considered suitable for surveillance purposes. Suitability is assessed following telephone conversation between the submitting private veterinary surgeon and a veterinary member of the RVC-FAPD. Even if not suitable for subsidy, our charges for PME of farmed animals are highly competitive. Further information on this and about the procedure of submitting a carcass for PME can be found in this Information Sheet.  Following telephone discussion please e-mail a submission form to

Please note and ensure that your clients are aware that all submissions are implicit of permission to retain tissues for diagnostic / research/ teaching purposes unless advised differently on the submission form at the time of submission.

Price Lists for Post Mortem Examinations of farmed animal species 

Carcass collection Service

An APHA subsidised carcass collection service to RVC- FAPD is available for carcasses suitable for surveillance PMEs from specified postcodes within the RVC catchment area that are more than one hour drive away. If you intend to use this service, please:

  • Check that the farm postcode is eligible for carcass collection and delivery to the RVC by entering it into the APHA postcode search tool
  • Give us a call to discuss eligibility of the carcass for surveillance PME. If agreed, we will initiate collection with the haulier who will liaise directly with the farmer. We will require farm address and a farmer contact telephone number at the time of submission as well as subsequent provision of a full clinical history fulfilling surveillance criteria on a submission form.  
  • Early telephone notification (ideally before 10am) of potential cases is important in order to try to ensure same day pickup. Advanced autolysis can impede diagnostic success.  

Unfortunately, the RVC cannot provide or organise a carcass transport for animals from outside the specified postcodes or for carcasses not suitable for surveillance PMEs. In these cases, the clients will unfortunately have to organise carcass transport themselves.

Additional services to Private Veterinary Surgeons

We are a teaching facility, and as such veterinary students are involved in almost all PMEs under staff supervision and are very grateful for the learning opportunity every submitted carcass provides. We would like to encourage you to give us a call on 07793801684 or (01707-666630) to discuss any interesting cases in farmed animal species that you encounter. Where possible we will try to advise you on suitable diagnostic testing including the use of PMEs.  

Who are we?

The RVC Farm Animal Pathology and Diagnostics Services get valuable input from all members of the RVC Pathology team including specialised anatomic and clinical pathologists and residents.

The main members of staff associated with the RVC-FAPD are Dr Sonja Jeckel FRCPath MRCVS and Bernat Marti-Garcia ECVP MRCVS.  

Contact details for RVC-FAPD

  • Telephone: 07793801684 or 01707-666630 
  • E-mail:   

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