• Introduction

Academic Quality is led by Cheryl Jackson.  

Mission Statement

As the College becomes larger and more complex, we must adapt and develop in order to thrive and achieve our mission of being recognised as one of the world's leading veterinary schools. We will provide high quality support to assure the quality of the College's courses efficiently and economically, so that we meet the requirements of the QAA Quality Code and maintain our standing with the following professional bodies: RCVS, EAEVE, AVMA, SAVC, AVBC and RSoB.

Academic Quality Organisation Chart

Who does what in Academic Quality?

The role of the Academic Quality Team is to assure, and facilitate enhancement of, the quality of the College's taught courses efficiently and economically, so that we meet the expectations of the QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education and maintain our standing with professional bodies such as the RCVS, AVMA, EAEVE, SAVC, AVBC and the Royal Society of Biology. Our quality processes also ensure that the College's taught provision meets the appropriate academic standards and that these standards are maintained.

We use a variety of methods to assure and enhance quality and set and maintain standards:

We map our Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement Procedures against the expectations and indicators of sound practice of the QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education.

Strategy: we prepare and periodically update the College's strategy for the Enhancement and Assurance of the Quality of Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

Student evaluation surveys: we systematically collect student, graduate and employer views on the education the College provides. The data is used to support the enhancement of the quality of education provision.

External examiners: we manage the external examiner system which ensures assessment is effective and appropriate and assures the standard of the College's degrees.

Course review: we organise periodic reviews of all taught courses and report on the findings.

Teaching Quality Committee: we report on the above activities to Teaching Quality Committee (or sub-groups thereof), which has responsibility for the quality assurance and enhancement of taught courses and which reports to Academic Board.

Advice/training: we give advice on all aspects of College Academic Quality practices to members of staff, particularly new curriculum managers, and SU Course Representatives.

Key Responsibilities

Ms Cheryl Jackson

Academic Quality Manager

01707 666 046
Extension 6046
Room S17
Eclipse Building
Hawskhead Campus

Manages the College's academic quality assurance and enhancement procedures related to teaching and learning, in particular:

  • developing and implementing quality assurance strategy;
  • advising staff on quality assurance procedures and policies;
  • coordinating the College's responses to the Quality Assurance Agency;
  • revising and updating the academic quality assurance and enhancement procedures;
  • managing the preparation for visits by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)
  • assist with the preparation for visits by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory bodies such as the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), etc;
  • managing the Validation process for approval of new courses;
  • managing the periodic review of taught courses;
  • overseeing the External Examiner system;
  • ensuring that courses offered in collaboration with other institutions are managed in accordance with the College's quality assurance procedures;.

Ms Maxine Bailey 

Senior Academic Quality Officer 'Student Engagement'

01707 666 870
Extension 9212
Room S17
Eclipse Building
Hawskhead Campus

Responsible for:

  • RVC Student Surveys (including module/strand surveys; rotation surveys; staff teaching surveys; satisfaction surveys; graduate surveys)
  • RVC SU Course Representatives     
  • ‘You said...We did...’ ·       
  • Secretary for Learning,Teaching and Assessment Committee
  • Secretary for Student Survey Strategy Working Group     
  • Curriculum Manager nominations (including Course/Deputy Course Director, Module/Strand Leaders)
  • Supporting Academic Committees, including changes to membership
  • Updates to the Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement procedural chapter for 'Student Engagement'

Ana Filipovic

Ms Ana Filipovic

Senior Academic Quality Officer ‘Standards’

01707 666 938
Extension 6938
Room S17
Eclipse Building
Hawskhead Campus

  • Secretary to Teaching Quality Committee and Undergraduate Medicine Course Management Committee
  • Main administrative point of contact relating to External Examiner appointments, their reports and payments,
  • Organises the College's participation in the National Student Survey and Postgraduate Research Experience Survey, analyses results and produces reports for College's use and information,
  • Looks after Module and Strand Leader Handbooks,
  • Assists in preparation of events such as Periodic Reviews, Course Validations, and review visits by professional bodies e.g. QAA, RCVS, AVMA; etc.
  • Collaborates on the annual update of the Academic Quality Assurance & Enhancement Procedure for External Examiners

Mr Richard Sherry

Collaborative Programmes Officer

01707 666 602
Extension 6602
Room S17
Eclipse Building
Hawkshead Campus

Manages the College’s taught collaborative provision in order that the interests of the College and its students are protected, and that the College meets the expectations of the QAA Quality Code. Duties/tasks include:

  • Updates the Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement procedural chapters for 'Collaborative Courses' and the 'Design and Approval of New Programmes of Study'.
  • Main administrative point of contact, liaison and communication within the College regarding taught collaborative provision for existing and potential collaborative partners;
  • Development, delivery, review and renewal of collaborative agreements for all new and existing taught academic programmes delivered in collaboration with other providers;
  • Completion of due diligence on prospective new collaborative partners;
  • Advice to collaborative partners regarding the annual monitoring procedure and partner input to Annual Monitoring reports;
  • Monitoring the performance of collaborative partners and the College against collaborative agreements and the outcomes of the annual monitoring exercise;
  • Oversight of the College’s Register of Collaborative Provision;
  • Periodic course reviews, course validations and visits from QAA, RCVS, AVMA and other external bodies;
  • Secretary to the following committees/groups:
    • Collaborative Clinical Training Development Group;
    • Collaborative Provision sub-group of Teaching Quality Committee;
    • Course Proposal and Development Group.

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