Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Groups: Musculoskeletal Biology, CPCS (Research Programme)

Clinical Groups: Gait Analysis

Research Centres: Structure & Motion Laboratory

Thilo is currently focusing on the use of inertial sensor based technology (as well as traditional kinetics and kinematics) to detect and quantify movement anomalies in animals. This covers a range of tasks and animals with the main emphasis on lameness in horses. He is supported in this undertaking by Fernanda Sepulveda, a postdoctoral researcher running the day to day logistics of a HBLB funded research project in collaboration with Singapore Turf Club and his PhD students (currently Line Greve and Amy Barstow). Thilo enjoys supervising undergraduate student research projects and has an excellent track record bringing these to publication level. He is collaborating with Veterinarians in the Equine and Small Animal Referral Hospital as well as internationally and is heading the Equine Gait Analysis Service providing advanced quantitative gait assessments for the Equine Referral Hospital and the Equine Practice.

Thilo graduated in Information Technology from the Technical University of Munich. He did a PhD in the field of pattern recognition at the Institute of Human-Machine Communication at Munich, followed by a two year postdoc at the International Institute of Computer Science, Berkeley, California. He then joined the Structure and Motion Lab at the RVC as a postdoctoral fellow and worked on BBSRC, HBLB and  DEFRA funded projects investigating locmotion on compliant limbs, horse-surface interaction and automated lameness detection in dairy cattle.

In 2008 he became a Lecturer in Bio-Engineering in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and was recently promoted to Senior Lecturer. He is now focusing on applied locomotor biomechanics with an emphasis on objective quantification of movement anomalies. Since being appointed Lecturer he has concentrated on pioneering a multi-sensor GPS-enhanced gait analysis system for field and clinical use. Use of this system has resulted in a number of peer-reviewed articles covering sensor validation (Pfau et al, 2005), lameness assessment (Pfau et al, 2007), back movement in horses (Warner et al, 2010) and horse-jockey interaction (Pfau et al, 2009) to name a few and a growing number of undergraduate student projects that are being brought to piublication level (e.g. Brocklehurst et al, 2013, Barstow et al, 2013, Brighton et al, 2013, Arndt et al, 2013, Robertes et al, 2013, Pfau et al, 2012). 

Thilo is interested in applied locomotor biomechanics, in particular the use of innovative assessment techniques for the assessment of over ground locomotion . He is currently -- together with two postdoctoral researchers (Fernanda Sepulveda and Anna Walker) and two PhD students (Line Greve and Amy Barstow) -- focusing on:

  • lameness detection and quantification in horses (PhD student: Sandra Starke) and dogs.
  • prediction of injury in Thoroughbred racehorses (Postdoctoral Researcher Fernanda Sepulveda at Singapore Turf Club)
  • quantification of jockey movement

Thilo's research is a true multidisciplinary mix of applied animal locomotor biomechanics combining his signal processing background (PhD in information technology in Munich Germany, PostDoc in Berkeley, US) with his extensive experience in non-invasive instrumentation of animals for the purpose of quantifying gait parameters. He is collaborating intensively with Uppsala University (Marie Rhodin, Agneta Egenvall, Lars Roepstorff) on all matters equine lameness as well as with Bern University (Corsin Heim, Stefan Witte, Vince Gerber) on clinical lameness in horses.


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Thilo has been teaching on the MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy course (module leader biomechanics, course discontinued), on the BSc Bioveterinary Sciences 'Comparative Animal Locomotion' module and on the BVetMed course. He concentrates on teaching of applied locomotor biomechanics -- often making use of the exceptional experimental facilities of the Structure and Motion Lab -- in lectures, practicals and seminars. 
In addition, Thilo is passionate about the use of inertial sensor based gait analysis for clinical lameness workups where he is aiming at convincing the new generation of euqine Veterinarians of the benefits of an additional, objective, unbiased assessment technqiue for quantification of the subtle movement changes encountered in referral level lameness. 


Thilo is interested in the application of objective lameness quantification techniques in clinical lameness exams at the Equine Referral Hospital where he is providing a clinical gait analysis service. Here, he is making use of the multi-sensor system that he pioneered to provide objective evidence about improvements (or lack thereof) in gait asymmetry over the course of a clinical lameness workup. This service is provided in collaboration with the Veterinarians of the Equine Referral Hospital.   

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