Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Hawkshead

Clinical Groups: Equine Surgery

Nicola is a Staff Clinician in Equine Surgery and divides her time between the Equine Referral Hospital and Equine Practice.

Nicola graduated from University College Dublin in 2012 and worked in a private equine practice in Ireland for 8 months. In 2013 she moved to Australia to complete a two-year internship in a private practice in Australia where she remained for a further two years as an associate. She completed a three year Senior Clinical Training Scholarship in Equine Surgery and Masters of Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College and commenced a position as a Staff Clinician in Equine Surgery in September 2020. Her main interests are upper airways disorders, laryngeal reinnervation, lameness and poor performance cases.

Nicola's research interests include laryngeal re-innervation and overground endoscopic examination.

  • Lynch, N.L., Jones, S.A., Bazely-White, L.G., Wilson, Z.F., Pfau, T., Cheetham, J., and Perkins, J.D., (2020) "Ex vivo Modelling of the airflow dynamics and two- and three-dimensional biomechanical effects of suture placement for prosthetic laryngoplasty in horses" American Journal of Veterinary Research: 81(8)
  • Lynch, N.L., Adams, J.A., and Perrier, M. (2020) Laparoscopic cryptorchidectomy in a mature llama Canadian Veterinary Journal: 61(5):521 – 524

Nicola is involved in rotation teaching as students rotate through the Equine Hospital and Equine Practice on the Equine Surgery and Ambulatory rotations.

Nicola is one of the Equine Surgeons in the Equine Referral Hospital. She spilts her time between work in the hospital and on the road for the Equine Practice. She is interested in both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery with a particular interest in upper airway disorders, dental cases, lameness and poor performance.

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