Department: Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Groups: Host-Pathogen Interactions and Vaccinology, IRLFS (Research Programme)

Henny has been employed as a faculty pathologist at the Royal Veterinary College since August 2011  where she holds the position of Head of Veterinary Forensic Pathology. Her duties and responsibilities include lecturing and all aspects of academic practice in veterinary anatomic pathology, research and diagnostic work, including post mortem examinations.

Henny Martineau qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon from Glasgow Veterinary School, University of Glasgow in 1998. Following time as an assistant veterinary surgeon in mixed practice in Wales, she spent three years working in a training position in Veterinary Pathology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Glasgow, where she gained a Master's degree in Veterinary Medicine, investigating the pathogenesis of gastric ulceration in the horse. She then worked as a research pathologist for Astrazeneca in Cheshire, as a large animal diagnostic pathologist for the Scottish Agricultural College in Edinburgh, and in 2010, she gained a PhD from the University of Glasgow. The title of her thesis was "Early events of Jaagsiekte retrovirus infection in the ovine lung". From August 2011 to the present day, she has been employed as a faculty pathologist at the Royal Veterinary College, where she holds the position of Head of Veterinary Forensic Pathology.  

Henny has a wide range of  research interests that include forensic pathology, cancer biology and infectious disease.

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Henny lectures on forensic pathology and neoplasia and tumour biology on the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Bachelor of Comaparative Pathology courses. Other teaching responsibilities include supervising Senior Clinical Training Scholars in Veterinary Pathology that are preparing for specialist qualifications in pathology and undergraduate and postgraduate research students. She is Module leader for the Applications of Pathology  module on the BSc in Comparative Pathology.

Animal CSI : what, how, when ?

Saiga Antelopes; the ice age survivors now in peril


  • Saiga Mass Mortality: ongoing research on causes of mortality in saiga antelope in Kazakhstan and Mongolia

    The saiga project is a long-term contribution from RVC to research into understanding of the causes of mortality of the saiga antelope. This species ranges in the Steppes of Asia, in a few localities but is classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature red listing process. The study findings to date provided unique information on the cause of mass mortality of saiga and the impact of PPR on saiga antelope.

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