Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Groups: Musculoskeletal Biology, CPCS (Research Programme)

Clinical Groups: Equine Surgery, Gait Analysis

Andy is an Associate Professor in Equine Surgery and Deputy Head of the Equine Referral Hospital. He holds the ECVS Diploma in Equine Surgery and Masters in Veterinary Medicine. He is an RCVS and European Specialist in Equine Surgery

Andy graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2004 and worked for the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad for the following three months. He then worked in mixed practice in Somerset. In July 2006 he undertook an eighteen month internship at the Liphook Equine Hospital followed by a six month ambulatory position. He then completed a three year Senior Clinical Training Scholarship and Masters of Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College. He took up the position of Staff Clinician in Equine Surgery in February 2012 becoming a lecturer in 2014, a Senior lecturer in 2017 and an Associate Professor in Equine Surgery in 2021. In 2019 he became the Deputy Head of RVC Equine. He is an RCVS and European Specialist in Equine Surgery with a particular interest in the use of the objective gait analysis system and its role in working up poor performance cases. He is also expanding its use in his research of back movement and it's association with pain and poor performance.

Andy's research interests include diagnostic techniques for digital flexor tendon sheath injuries, the clinical uses of objective gait analysis and the objective assessment of back pain. This has been greatly assisted by a grant from the Worshipful Company af Farriers which allowed purchase of inertial measurement units to allow measurement of back movement. 

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Andy teaches on the alimentary and respiratory BVetMed strands. He also runs the Equine Soft Tissue Suregry elective as well as teaching on the Equine Orthopaedics and Diagnostic Imaging electives. He facilitates a number of directed learning sessions including nasal discharge, hindlimb lamenss and granulation tissue sessions. In his 70% clinics role in the Equine Referral Hospital he is heavily involved in rotation teaching as students rotate through the Equine Hospital on the Equine Surgery rotation. He received the James Bee Educator Award in  2016 for excellence in teaching.

Andy organises equine CPD courses and is frequently invited to speak on the international lecturer circuit.


Andy is one of the Equine Surgeons in the Equine Referral Hospital. He is interested in all aspects of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, in particular cases of poor performance, back pain, dental and sinus cases, digital flexor tendon sheath pathology and regenerative medicine.

CPD for veterinary surgeons

Lisbon equine veterinary congress 2014: Mesenchymal stem cells in equine orthopaedics

ECVS Congress 2010: Presentation on deltoid tuberosity fractures in horses

ECVS Congress 2011: Contrast radiography to diagnose digital flexor tendon sheath pathology (won best large animal residents presentation award)

ECVS Congress 2015: Lectures and practical demonstrations in wetlab: The use of objective gait analysis in equine lameness diagnosis

BEVA Congress: Critically appraised topic - HA versus corticosteroids

BEVA Congress 2015: Lectures on objective gait analysis, PRP: Fact or Fiction, Back Pain

BEVA Congress 2018: Lecture on objective evaluation of back pain

BEVA Congress 2019: Lectures on objective gait analysis, headshaking and dentistry

ECVS Congress 2019: Surgical management of tendon sheath pathology

Speaker on Vet PD courses:

Principles of Equine Lameness Investigation; Czech Republic May 2014

Hindlimb Lameness Course; Helsinki June 2014

Hindlimb Lameness Course; Oslo October 2014

Practical Neurology; Poland February 2015

Hindlimb Lameness Course; Belgium March 2015

Practical Neurology; Hungary April 2015

Hindlimb lameness course; Basel November 2015

Practical Neurology; Czech Republic November 2015

Practical Neurology; Switzerland March 2016

Practical Neurology; Austria March 2016

Hindlimb lameness; Sweden September 2016

Practical Neurology; Belgium October 2016

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound; Spain February 2017

Hindlimb lameness; Ireland September 2017

Hindlimb lameness; Germany October 2017

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Endoscopy and Radiography; South Africa November 2017

Distal Limb Ultrasound: Germany February 2018

Advances in Orthopaedic Therapies: Belgium February 2018

Hindlimb Lameness: Czech Republic April 2018

Advances in Orthopaedic Therapies: Poland May 2018

Hindlimb Lameness: Hungary October 2018

Ultrasound of mid-distal limb: Sweden November 2018

Hindlimb Lameness: Poland November 2018

Hindlimb Lameness: Venice September 2019

Mid-distal limb ultrasound: Austria September 2019

Musculoskeletal ultrasound: Czech Republic January 2020

Other CPD:

RVC Fundamentals of Equine Practice – two 1 hour webinars 2013

Dechra forelimb lameness November 2015

RVC Equine Back Course 2015, 2016 and 2017

Rainbow Equine Hospital CPD – Orthopaedics – November 2016

SkiPD January 2017

Rossdales Equine Hospital CPD – The Digital Tendon Sheath – February 2017

London Vet Show 2017: Lameness, back pain therapeutics and treatment

Proveto October 2018: Tendon and Poor Performance

London vet Show 2018: Neck pain, Intra-articular medications

Rainbow Equine Hospital CPD – Back Pain – November 2018

Kristiansand, Norway March 2019: Nerve and joint blocks

London Vet Show 2019: Back pain

Proveto: Back pain, foot and fetlock lameness, nerve and joint blocks

Editorial board of UKVet Equine

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