People: Anneliese Stell, David Brodbelt

Aims: To quantify the frequency of the major cancers of dogs attending veterinary practice in the UK and identify major risk factors for specific cancers in dogs. Environmental risk factors in dogs as markers for disease in co-habiting humans will also be investigated.

Relevance of project: To aid identification of risk factors for canine cancer, potentially enabling earlier diagnosis of affected individuals; enhancing disease prevention and ultimately optimising management of canine cancer patients. Risk factors that may be shared with co-habiting owners will also be identified.

Lead researcher: Ms Stephanie Marlow (

Academic collaborator: Dr S. Baines

 Prevalence and risk factors for mast cell tumours in dogs in England

Shoop SJ, Marlow S, Church DB, English K, McGreevy PD, Stell AJ, Thomson PC, O'Neill DG and Brodbelt DC (2014) Canine Genetics and Epidemiology.

This study reports overall and breed-specific prevalences of mast cell tumours (MCT) in a primary-care population of 168,636 dogs and evaluates potential risk factors for MCT diagnosis. The authors report a clinically significant prevalence of MCT, highlight specific breed types with particularly high prevalences and explore additional factors associated with MCT diagnosis. 

Vet Compass Project Type: Dog

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