Published: 22 Sep 2015 | Last Updated: 22 Sep 2015 18:02:27

From Tuesday 22nd September the RSPCA will be promoting a visually engaging public information poster ('infographic'), co-produced by Medivet & VetCompass, showing evidence-based information on the most common disorders diagnosed in UK pet cats.

This item is now live on the RSPCA blog (here), and will also be featured on other RSPCA social media, going live on both FaceBook and Twitter at 16.35pm today! Take a look and feel free to comment - direct links to both pages are available here (FB) and here (Twitter).
The full-size infographic is available on the RSPCA website (click here for direct access). 

Our thanks to the RSPCA for funding & highlighting the findings of this important VetCompass research & to Medivet for developing the infographic itself - we hope that posters such as these help us to reach an ever broader audience of those interested in companion animal health & welfare.

                 Cat jumping                     

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