The veterinarians, bioscientists and veterinary nurses at the RVC are involved in fascinating research and clinical practice. Every year we are part of many exciting science festivals and events which share news of our innovative veterinary science.

Upcoming Science Events

Night at the Vet College: DawnDinos
10th April 2019

We're back on 10th April and this time we will be celebrating National Biomechanics Day! It’s all about animal movement, and we will be exploring locomotion in extinct dinosaurs and archosaurs as well as in living animals.There will be amazing science stalls, interactive activities, paleo-art, and the main event with John Hutchinson who is the Professor of Evolutionary Biomechanics at the RVC.You can find out more about the DawnDinos team at

The doors will open at 5:30pm and the event will finish at 10pm

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The RVC dissection room during Night at the Vet College

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