The veterinarians, bioscientists and veterinary nurses at the RVC are involved in fascinating research and clinical practice. Every year we are part of many exciting science festivals and events which share news of our innovative veterinary science.

Upcoming Science Events

November 28th

Night at the Vet College - AWAKE: The rhythms that rule our lives : Tickets

Date: Wednesday 28th November
Location: Camden Campus, London
Time: 17:30 - 22:00

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It’s something we barely think about, but affects our every waking moment. How do the cycles of light and dark affect us and the animals around us? Explore the world of day and night with the Royal Veterinary College and learn from expert researchers how the simple turning of the planet affects everything from animals cells to their reproduction. How do bats see? Do our joints have a circadian rhythm? Why are some animals nocturnal? Find out all this and more at our array of interactive stalls and lectures. 
Sponsored by the Physiological Society

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The RVC dissection room during Night at the Vet College

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